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The key to a tidy wardrobe need not be based on hard and fast rules. Our personal style is subject to change and we even fall back into styles we thought we outgrew. So here you won’t see rules on what cuts, colours or silhouettes to avoid but rather, it’s about knowing what makes you smile when you look in the mirror. Here are 6 ways towards a healthier attitude for your wardrobe to keep it lean, clean and manageable:

Keep the clothes you actually wear

Work wear, formal wear, underwear – these are no-brainers that need to stay. What you should look out for are the ‘I could wear this to *insert-rare-event*’ type of clothes. Another common type is the ‘doesn’t look good tonight, but maybe next time’ clothes, however, you secretly know that ‘next time’ might mean ‘never’. Stick to what you think feels and looks good on you. After all, they say the most stylish people are those who look the most confident and comfortable.

Remove old and worn out

Aging clothes can look nice if we’re talking about a quality leather jacket or grungy denim. But irremovable stains on a white shirt, old underwear, or hole-ridden jumpers that no longer keep you warm? View these signs as opportunities to trim down your wardrobe so that you can have a fresh, clean start.

Don’t buy cheap just because it’s cheap

Try to distinguish the desire to purchase just because it’s on sale versus the desire to purchase because you want to wear it. It’s easy to overspend during sales. Remember that having too many choices will leave you paralysed by indecision – it happens in restaurants, in supermarket aisles, and it happens in our wardrobe.

Invest in fewer but more expensive pieces

Some items are worth the investment if it means they’ll last longer and look good while doing it. Think of investing in real (not faux) leather for your jackets and handbags, and don’t feel shy to try high-quality denim jeans like those from Levi’s or Acne Studios. You bend, stretch, and sit on all sorts of surfaces so it pays to have good denim that will last for a few years. Besides, treating yourself to a pricier item can make you look forward to putting something nice over your skin.


Why not make your objects extra special? Monograms are a popular choice for wallets, bags and tech accessories. For those who wish to dish out more dough, custom-made shoes are a great way to ground your outfits with a unique flair that no one else can own. However, personalising doesn’t have to involve money. Next time, try wearing a pair of jeans until they rip at the knees naturally as opposed to having rips made for you. There are many ways to carve your personality into a piece of clothing and it can be fun, too.

Give it away

Binning clothes can feel like a zero return on investment. Keep yourself feeling useful by donating or selling. Red bins for The Smith Family or your local Vinnies will happily accept the discarded, or if you’re feeling more entrepreneurial, make a few bucks on the side by selling your goods on eBay or Etsy.

Need to store those bulky clothes? Get sorted with these goodies: