Party season is just around the corner which means enjoying good food, good company and more than likely, a few bottles of good wine. To help you decide which wine to bring or provide to your next barbecue, we asked Mark Pollard, wine director at Naked Wines for his top tips on choosing and enjoying the perfect drop.


1. Keep it simple
The beauty of barbecues is everything should be relatively easy and the same rule applies to wine. Pick wines that will go with most things, for example seafood is great with a fruity sauvignon blanc and red meat goes well with shiraz.


2. Drink what you like
A barbecue is not an occasion where people are likely to judge you by what you’re drinking, so relax and go with what you enjoy.


3. Stay cool
Whether you’re drinking red, white or rose, it’s likely that the air temperature will be high, so pop your wine in the fridge before enjoying or pop in an ice cube or two.


4. Lighter is better
For daytime drinking, often a lighter style of wine is easier to enjoy. Varieties such as pinot grigio, moscato, pinot noir or sangiovese are all delicious and usually have a slightly lower alcohol content than some of the more well known varietals.


5. If in doubt, opt for rose
Rose is beautifully simple and goes with seafood and meat alike, so for a barbecue it’s a wonderfully safe bet every time.


1. Lay Of The Land  Sauvignon Blanc 2014, $13.29 (Angel price)


2. Blindside Margaret River Rose 2015, $12.99 (Angel price)


3. Heresy Pyrenees Nebbiolo 2013, $14.99 (Angel price)


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