Image showcases candles from R2 Designs.

Filling your home with a familiar fragrance can comfort, energise and entice for a positive lift every time you walk through the door. “Our sense of smell has the power to change a mood in an instant”, says Sophie Baulderstone, Brand Manager of Circa Home.

Here she shares her top tips for scenting your home:

1. Your choice should be personal

“Fragrance is a highly personal choice influenced by individual preference and personality.” says Sophie.

So what works for someone else might not work for you, and just because a scent may be popular doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll like it.

“You should choose a fragrance you feel not only reflects your personal style, look and feel of the home, but also a fragrance that brings you a sense of comfort and enjoyment.”, says Sophie.

2. But do consider the strength for guests

It is important however, to ensure that your scent/s throughout the home are not overpowering for visitors.

To keep your fragrance welcoming and light, Sophie suggests “strategically placing a mix of candles and fragrance diffusers around the home to distribute and soften the scent throw. It’s also a good idea to welcome guests with fruity and uplifting fragrances that encourage a fun and positive atmosphere in the home.”

Sophie recommends: Mango & Papaya Soy Candle and Coconut & Orris Root Fragrance Diffuser, Circa Home.

3. Different scents for different rooms

Consider the function of each room before choosing your scents and try to imagine the walk through your home as a journey of different smells and moods. “Start with a fragrance diffuser in the entrance so that your guests are instantly greeted with fragrance.” says Sophie.

“Then for the bathroom, a fresh and breezy diffuser like Oceanique works best. For larger areas like the living room, a candle or two can also really boost the ambient effect.”

4. Change it up

While it’s great to find a signature scent that makes you feel confident and comfortable in your personal sanctuary, it doesn’t have to stay the same forever. “You’ll find your preferences might change with the season, which is part of the fun of experimenting with fragrance”, says Sophie. For example, “during summer, go for fresh and floral fragrances for an invigorating effect on the home.”

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