You switch up your wardrobe and your eating habits when the seasons change, so why not your interiors? Here are some (almost) effortless ways to get ready for the coming warm months – cheers to that!

Clear out the clutter
Do a full edit of your entire house – be ruthless. We talk about this a lot, but the easiest, most effective way to get a beautiful home is through decluttering. Get rid of anything you no longer use or need, or that’s in bad condition and can’t be repaired. Then store away winter-specific items, like heaters, boots, coats, heavy doonas and blankets, and flannel sheets.

After you’ve culled, the next step is to clean. Give your bathroom grout a makeover with a whitening pen, scrub mould from the ceilings, get rid of dusty winter cobwebs, sugar soap your walls, steam clean your carpets, wash your curtains. You won’t recognise the place!

Swap out heavy textures
Remake your bed with linen or cotton sheets, and go for a lighter bedspread than you’d use in winter. If you use a throw in your living room, choose one made of light cotton, rather than wool.

Add greenery
Plants make a home feel instantly more summery (plus, they purify the air). Succulents are ideal as they don’t require a lot of maintenance.

Rearrange your furniture
Nothing gives your room a more effective facelift than rearranging the furniture. Play with the new season light and give yourself plenty of time to test different combinations.

Use summer scents
Diffusers, candles, and of course, flowers in gorgeous summery scents are a super-quick way of ushering in the new season.

Head outside
You’re going to be using your deck and backyard a lot more now that the weather’s warmed up, so make sure it’s ready! Oil your deck, clean your barbie, gurney the side path and of course, get your garden in order!

Light it up
If you don’t already own some, invest in some inexpensive solar lights to illuminate your backyard after dark.

Change your bulbs
Changing your lightbulbs from “warm white” to “cool white” will provide a lot more daylight-style light, which is what you want to mimic in summer.

Check out this summery home: