Image courtesy Neil Architecture

Winter is coming! Stay outside a little longer with our hot picks of the best heating solutions for every space

mounted heaters:

Hot spots: Perfect for partly enclosed or protected outdoor entertaining areas where they can be installed on the ceiling, wall or another part of the structure without taking up valuable floorspace.
Energy: Choose from gas or electric models. You’ll need professional installation.
Don’t forget: Consider the distance from the heaters to your sitting area and the possible wind level when deciding on the position and power of the heaters.

1. Outdoor radiant electric heater, $456.50, Rinnai
2. Wall-mounted gas heater, $599, Heatstrip
3. Bliss outdoor radiant electric heater, from $699, Harvey Norman

portable heaters:

Hot spots: Great for verandahs, decks and barbecue areas. They’re easy to operate and can be put away over summer.
Energy: You’ll need an LPG bottle that sits inside the base.
Don’t forget: Check for smart safety features, including an auto shut-off valve and tip switch.

1. Jumbuck outdoor gas heater, $129, Bunnings
2. Portable LPG heater, $799, Heatstrip
3. ‘Maxiheat’ patio heater, $249, Barbeques Galore

fire pits:

Hot spots: Best on gravel or hard paving, a firepit creates a natural focal point.
Energy: Wood burning and gas also available.
Don’t forget: Supervise kids carefully!

1. ‘Molly’ fire drum, $1495, Robert Plumb
2. Life Space Journey ‘2010’ firepit, $990, Oblica
3. Fire bowl, $225, Fire Pits Direct
4. Life Space Journey ‘Float’ firepit, $1290, Oblica

statement fireplaces:

Hot spots: Great for permanent outdoor seating areas where you can settle in for a long night of toasting marshmallows.
Energy: Gas and wood-burning models are available.
Don’t forget: Make sure your timber is completely dry or you could find yourself smoked out!

1. Morsø ‘Kamino’ wood-burning fireplace, $2750, Castworks 
2. ‘Exuro’ gas fireplace, from $6285, Real Flame
3. Focus ‘Gyrofocus’ wood-burning fireplace, $18,100, Oblica

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