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Those going through the reno motions may leave the material choices up to the builder, but just like in a restaurant, you don’t exactly know what goes into the product.  Furnishings, fixtures and colour – you probably have a handle on these, and as long as the wall paint looks good, it’s all right.. right?

According to research conducted by Gyprock, a leading manufacturer of plasterboards, far less attention is drawn to the actual quality of walls and ceilings. You can imagine the problems this may cause. Noise pollution. Durability. Moisture build up. MOULD. Here we run through how to avoid these common yet overlooked problems so that your renovation ends in comfort and not chaos.

Controlling noise

Unwanted noise can enter through external walls, ceilings and the roof. Choosing a plasterboard lining with increased sound absorption will help. Use Gyprock’s Soundchek plasterboard then combine with glasswool bulk insulation to increase the density of your walls and ceilings. Noisy neighbours be gone!

Improving durability

Good walls should be durable for years with only the occasional paint job needed for presentation (yes, looks are important). But as we know, knocks and bumps will inevitably occur from the vacuum cleaner, moving furniture, and especially children, so it’s a good idea to select the right plasterboard lining for high-traffic areas. Consider Gyprock Supercheck – a 10mm plasterboard made with a heavy duty paper liner that increases density and board strength.

Managing moisture and mould

Improved building practices and insulation requirements for new homes are great for thermal control and energy efficiency, but it also means moisture can build up and promote the growth of mould – a big no-no for family members with asthma or allergies. Ban the microbes from your dwelling with the Gyprock Sensitive, a hypoallergenic plasterboard approved by the National Asthma Council Australia’s Sensitive Choice program. Think about applying to those wet areas where moisture is most likely to gather such as the kitchen, bathroom and laundry.

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