They say a classic never dies, but we’re stepping into the future for a hot minute, and we’re starting with the garden! Here are 9 plants for a fresh, sleek and modern-looking garden.

Image courtesy of House of Plants.

1. Spineless Yucca

The Yucca is a small evergreen tree and from summer to autumn it produces white bell-shaped flowers in large panicles. It’s great for indoors as an architectural pot plant or outdoors as a landscaping plant. Plus, it has edible flowers!

Care tip: full sun position with a well-drained sandy soil.

Image courtesy of J. Parker’s.

2. Hosta

The ‘Halcyon’ is intensely blue-grey when planted in the shade and has tapering heart-shaped foliage that is great for ground cover. Hostas are herbaceous perennials, meaning the entire plant dies back to roots in autumn but reshoots in spring.

Care tip: grows well in shade but needs some sun for flowering. Feed regularly in growing season for luscious foliage.

Image courtesy of Sunset Western Garden Collection.

3.  Agapanthus Queen Mum

The ‘Queen Mum’ owns stunning large white and blue dual-coloured flower heads. These clusters bloom in summer and is complemented by glossy green strap like foliage.

Care tip: suited to open sun position but will perform in moderate shade. Water as required for 8-13 weeks until established and plant in a well-mulched garden.

Image courtesy of Warners.

4. New Zealand Flax

The fan-like appearance of this plant makes a great focal point for your garden. Leaves are sword shaped and mature plants produce the flower stalk which shoots up above the leaves and produce red or yellow blossoms.

Care tip: this plant prefers well-draining soil and needs full sun to achieve perfect growth.

Image courtesy of Monrovia

5. Echinacea Double Scoop Cranberry

The Double Scoop has large double flowers with a double sized cranberry red cushion that is surrounded by petals of the same intense colour. This is a new generation of Echinacea breeding. It will also attract birds and butterflies to your garden!

Care tip: this plant will perform best in full sun.

Image courtesy of Easy To Grow Bulbs.

6. Crocosmia Lucifer

This plant features long, slender, arched stems with scarlet-red tubular flower sprays in summer. We also love the beautiful lance-like leaves.

Care tip: this plant prefers a full sun to part shade and is ideal for garden pots and containers.

Image courtesy of Online Plant Guide.

7. Carex Frosted Curls

This is a very hardy and fast growing evergreen grass with silvery-green weeping foliage. Its long and willowy features makes it ideal for garden beds, rockeries, and even around water features such as ponds and pools.

Care tip: prefers a full sun to part shade position in well-drained soil. Low maintenance once established.

Image courtesy of Van Meuwen.

8. Pennisetum Fountain Grass

This is an ornamental perennial grass with green-coloured foliage and arching cream-pink foxtail-like flowers during summer. Once established, this plant is very tolerant to high temperatures, humidity, wind, drought and frost.

Care tip: prefers full sun to part shade and is suitable for pots and containers.

Image courtesy of National Gardening Association.

9. Agave Murpheyi

This is a bold and sculptural plant that grows a solitary rosette. It’s extremely hardy, and frost and dry tolerant.

Care tip: performs best in full-sun position in well-draining soil.

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