IKEA fans – ready your noses. Yes, you heard right. The Swedish design powerhouse and Ben Gorham, founder of perfume brand Byredo, have teamed up to release a limited edition collection of scented IKEA goods.

Smell is everywhere, but very rarely do we think about it in the context of aesthetics and interior design. Together, IKEA and Ben are exploring new ways of bringing scents into the home.

“I know most people have associations of visiting their grandmother’s house – whether it’s her perfume or the flowers or her cooking – smell is a very relevant part of the home. It creates a sense of comfort and security. We seldom speak of it and I think this project enforces that as well – getting people to think about smell,” Ben (pictured below) explains.

“We’re trying to develop a ton a smells enforcing the idea that everyone has a different relationship to it, and nothing is right or wrong,” he adds.

A few lucky people in IKEA HQ were lucky enough to have a sneak peek (or should we say ‘whiff’?) of what this unlikely aromatic collab might smell like – rumour has it that the scent of  Swedish cinnamon buns permeates the hallways of Sweden IKEA stores. Here’s hoping this is just as mouth-watering. More details as they come.

While you wait, check out the rattan-friendly 2017 update of IKEA’s iconic STOCKHOLM collection: