For tiles that feel as good as they look, this textural collection will add depth and warmth to your bathroom and kitchen area. Muted shades keep the look refined, while organic influences provide plenty of interest. 

1. ‘Diamond Wood’ porcelain tile, $125/sqm, The Tile Palette. 2. ‘Patterned Hex’ porcelain tile, $149/sqm, Tiles By Kate. 3. Tunisian Stone ‘Stripes’ tile, $110/300mm x 300mm sheet, Earp Brothers Tiles. 4. ‘Diamond’ glazed porcelain tiles in Blue Gloss, $198/sqm, Skheme. 5. Casa Handmade ‘Malak’ natural terracotta shapes, POA, Onsite Supply + Design. 6. ‘EM-1012’ Italian terrazzo, $104/sqm, Signorino Tile Gallery. 7. ‘Form’ glazed porcelain tile, $51.90/sqm, Skheme. 8. Greg Natale ‘Cubo’ glazed porcelain tile, $159/sqm, Teranova Tiles. 9. ‘Mediterranean Grey Fan’ marble mosaic tiles, $329/sqm, Teranova Tiles. 10. ‘Stormy Grey Picket’ honed granite tile, $239/sqm, The Tile Palette. 11. Popham Design ‘Diamonds’ bi-encaustic cement tiles in Dove and Steel, $312/sqm, Onsite Supply
+ Design. 12. ‘Bluestone Runway’ honed bluestone mosaic tiles, $46/600mm x 150mm sheet, The Tile Palette. 13. Casa Handmade glazed terracotta tile in White Carrare, $350/sqm, Onsite Supply + Design. 14. Lithos Design ‘Opus’ natural stone tile in Tangram Chaplin Reeded, $749/sqm, Artedomus. Background in ‘Clean
& Protect’ interior paints in Slender Pine (left), $57.50/4L, and Mossy Road (right), $62.50/4L, British Paints.