Designed by

Alessandro Becchi for Giovannetti, Italy, in 1970.

The form

A sofa that, when unfolded, becomes a generous double bed. The outer arm and back have a steel structure (within a wrap of polyurethane and dacron) that gives rigidity to the form. The seat unrolls by releasing the side straps, and the back is then folded forward onto the fl oor to make a low-padded sleeping platform. Commonly upholstered in tan leather, it measures 180cm x 100cm when unfolded.

What makes it special

An inspired solution to the sofa-bed concept, the Anfi bio’s unstructured appearance and soft low form make it a ‘lounge’ in the true sense of the word but the bolster along the back and arms has enough resistance to give support. The sofa won the Compasso d’Oro at the Milan Triennale in 1972, and more than 31,000 have been produced since.

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