Image features a ‘Neo Pivot Hardwood’ front door by Urban Front.

Saving for your dream home can be tough.

Especially when prices are high, your salary is low and Italy just won’t stop calling your name (seriously Antonio – stop calling me!).

But if you’re really ready to knuckle down and tighten your belt, there are SO many things you can do to help you save*. Everything counts right?

#1 Stop paying stupidly high rent

If you’ve been justifying your exxy living situation because it’s close to the beach, right near your favourite café or smack bang in the middle of your favourite city, it might be time to reassess. Moving to a cheaper area or back home (if you’re lucky enough to have the option) might hurt your heart a little, but it will cut your cost of living dramatically.

#2 Stop going out for drinks

I know I know, the stress of saving makes you want to down a rosé stat. But when you compare prices at the bar to prices at the bottle-o, it’s a no brainer.

#3 In fact, stop going out at all (if it’s going to cost you)

There will obviously be exceptions (like your best friend’s wedding or your dog’s birthday), but saying no to unnecessary brunch and movie dates will result in healthier savings. If you don’t like saying no, aim to get in first with suggestions for hikes, hosting a dinner (try these budget recipes) or simply head to the beach – all cost efficient activities.  

#4 Stop taking taxis and ubers

Public transport can be tedious and even a little overpriced, but if it’s $3.50 vs $20 to get home, you know what to do.

#5 Stop going over your data

$10 may seem like a small price to pay for that extra 1GB, which allows you to endlessly scroll through Instagram on your 30 minute bus ride – but it adds up.

#6 Stop getting avocado on things

Forget the smashed avo debate, don’t get that source of monounsaturated fat on ANYTHING. Buy one at the supermarket for the same price it’ll cost you to add a slither to your takeaway sandwich. Carry one in your handbag if needed.

#7 Stop keeping unnecessary clothes

If you buy something online and it’s not absolutely perfect, send it back for a refund. If the ‘it might fit me one day dress’ has been hanging there for over two years, sell it. Then use the money to buy clothes that look great on you, rather than dipping into your savings when you have nothing to wear.

*This list does not include giving up your daily coffee because that is just INSANE.

Need more motivation? Check out this beautiful family home: