The new season is the ideal time to take stock of your style at home. Whether your taste-point leans towards a nature-inspired look or a modern twist on tradition, homewares emporium Pottery Barn is a great place to turn to. The store’s latest collection continues to showcase the company’s focus on quality, innovative and stylish pieces that allow you to explore and bring your personal style to your place.

Quality Premium materials are a strong feature of the Pottery Barn range. From the top-grain leather ‘Irving’ armchair to the combination of kiln-dried solid A-grade teak and all-weather wicker of the ‘Palmer’ rope chair to the forged-iron structure of the Art-Deco-like ‘Leona’ cube table, you’ll find an impressive scope of quality. This commitment to top-class materials isn’t just restricted to the big-ticket items either – accessories such as the ‘Bleeker’ bar collection, perfect for your next cocktail party, feature acacia wood, tempered glass, stainless steel and a beautiful antiqued brass finish.

Smart design Pottery Barn’s new style buys also highlight clever thinking with in-house designers developing nearly every piece from prototype through testing to completion. For instance, the ‘Wyatt’ workspace is a savvy space-saving home-office solution – this wall-hung desktop can be flipped closed when not in use. The handcrafted ‘Hayes’ leather storage baskets are another great example of simple ingenuity. The variety of basket shapes on offer means there are also a variety of uses for them, whether to store cushions and throws in the bedroom, toys in the kids’ bedrooms, or files and magazines in the office. Clever design may be about the bigger picture, but also paying attention to the details, and the ‘Studio’ floor mirrors showcase this. We all know mirrors can enhance the sense of space in a room but the subtly bevelled edge of these mirrors also bring an elegant sophistication as well.

Style possibilities As well as paying tribute to traditional timeless appeal, Pottery Barn also has an eye on trends and statement pieces. Case in point: the dodecahedron side table is a brilliant take on the geometric trend with an industrial edge, handcrafted from concrete with an old-based finish, while the ‘Explosion’ chandelier cleverly refers to mid-century style and is taken into the now with a brass finish. And though at first glance, the ‘Jake’ leather sofa with sectional looks like a traditional modular leather lounge, the addition of bronze-finished legs lends a contemporary edge.