Is your pooch your priority? Your cat the greatest creature that ever lived? Here are 6 signs you love your pet more than you’re partner:

1. You arrive home are are greeted by your pet and your partner and you greet them in that order.

2. A tummy rub for your pooch can last the length of a movie. A shoulder rub for your partner is lucky to last two minutes

3. You direct the question, ‘What do you feel like for dinner?’ to your furry companion.

4. You return from grocery shopping with a basket of treats for your pet and forget the one thing your partner asked for.

5. When your pooch jumps up on the couch he/she is greeted with a pat. Before your partner has the chance to sit on the couch they’re greeted with, ‘Are those pants clean?’

6. Your partner complains that you favour your pooch over them. Your reaction is to turn to your pooch and gush, ‘That’s because she’s such a good girl, aren’t you? Yes, you are!’