Image showcases a kitchen designed by Team 7.  

Are you on top of the trends?

Or more of a rebel looking to break the rules?

Either way, this will be useful.

Interior designer and regular The Block judge, Darren Palmer talks us through the trends he predicts will be big for 2017, and the ones that will start fading out..

IN: dark furniture

Darker pieces of furniture are on the rise again – we will see plenty of richer and darker tones in 2017.” says Darren. “I’m talking side tables, coffee tables, cabinets or consoles.”

Tip: “green is also coming in and these rich dark green colours work perfectly with the dark timbers, as well as making a space feel calming and decadent.”

Go green:

Image: 1. Alvar Aalto Collection Vase, Iittala,, 2. Spotted napkin pack of 4 in ‘Gem Green’, Country Road,, 3. Jasper Conran At Wedgwood Chinoiserie Green Platter, Wedgwood,

OUT: blonde wood

Blonde wood has really taken over in 2016 and because of that our fingertips are raw from all of our sanding.”

IN: terracotta

“2017 shows a surge in terracotta pots and terracotta tiles and décor items. Pair this look with some greenery and it [will look really] nice – I know what you are thinking, “terracotta what?!”, but it is true.”

Tip: “If you keep the terracotta as a matte finish, it will not only add depth but also warmth to your home” says Jen Bishop, Interiors Design Blog.

OUT: copper and pineapples

“The 2016 copper trend is on its way out.” says Darren. “So are pineapples! I know it is hard to believe but a trend of 2017 is coming and you won’t know what to do with yourselves!”

IN: cork

“Cork is making a comeback. Not only is cork a stylish material that also adds warmth and texture, it is ideal for absorbing noise in our increasingly large, open plan style homes.”

OUT: midnight blue & navy

“2017 we say goodbye to midnight blues and navys. A new colour is making its way into the interior home trends though…” (hint: it’s also a fish.)

IN: woven baskets

“Whether you are in need for a linen hamper, rustic planter or a stylish storage solution for all of your bits and bobs around the house, woven baskets are making way to be a popular and trendy décor piece for any home.”

Image: 1. Arrow laundry hamper, $149,,  2. Birney Round Grey Rattan Basket, $59.95,, 3. Aztec Jute & Paper Rope Basket in Red, $79.95 (set of 2),

OUT: Scandi

“Scandi will be gone – there is a place for it, but more in the refined, traditional sense, rather than in the more generic way that we see it now.”

Of course, trends are always fleeting so take these with a pinch of salt. As Darren said when talking at the Pottery Barn pop up shop in Sydney, “Individuality is always a real trend. The best success comes when you take the parts [of trends] that are appropriate to you, and reproduce it in a way that is unique to you – reinterpretation is key.”

(P.S. Pottery Barn are now offering a free design service – check it out!)

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