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Terracotta is one of four big interior trends predicted for 2017. And when we say terracotta, we are talking about the clay-based ceramic, not just the shade.

Here are a few simple ways you can work some terracotta magic in your home.

#1 Pots

Let’s start with the obvious shall we? If we were playing Family Feud and Grant Denyer said “terracotta” the top answer would be pots, and for good reason. Terracotta looks beautiful when paired with greenery and is an easy addition to your home. You don’t even have to buy new plants if you don’t want to, just transfer the soil over or slip your plastic pots into a bigger terracotta surround.  We love: ‘Tuscan Path’ cylindrical terracotta pot, Bunnings Warehouse, Gardenias Vase No. 3, Living Edge and ‘Ciotola’ terracotta planter, Ian Lyell.

#2 Tableware

Make your next dinner party a Mediterranean feast and set the mood with tiled coasters, woven baskets, lanterns and terracotta serving dishes. The burnt orange shade will make the colours of your cuisine sing. We love: ‘Marine’ terracotta deep serving bowl,The Home,  ‘användbar’ butter dish, IKEA and ‘Laredo’ tapas dish, Amalfi Homewares.

#3 Lighting

Mixing light with terracotta will add instant warmth to your interiors and character to a neutral palette. Terracotta lamp shades look spectacular as hanging lights, especially when the pattern allows for light to shine through, like these POTT terracotta light shades by Spanish designer Miguel Angel García Belmonte.

Terracotta lamp bases also look beautiful and suit an array of shade colours.

#4 Decorative items

Spruce up your shelves with some terracotta additions. From sculptures to vases and jewellery dishes, there are plenty of small, budget-friendly options to embrace this trend. We love these ornaments from Gum Design (left) and ‘Tanzania’ terracotta jug vase by Casa Uno, available at Temple & Webster (right).

#5 Tiles

For those renovating, consider terracotta tiles for your kitchen and bathroom. A splashback in varying shades can be a spectacular feature or try patterned floor tiles for a Spanish feel. Unlike the shiny terracotta floors of the past, keep the finish matte for a modern look.

And don’t forget your outdoors of course! Just like with pots, terracotta pavers look great against a green garden and also make for a great pool surround that brings out blue.

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