When it comes to streamlining systems in your home, innovation shouldn’t start and finish at the kitchen and TV area. Smart products make life more efficient while addressing problems we once thought of as a part of life. In the bathroom, it’s common to see one-touch gas hot water systems and heated towel rails – but the toilet has been left behind. Roca’s latest bathroom essential from Reece addresses this with their sleek new Inspira In-Wash Smart Toilet suite.

Using a system of water sprays and a dryer, this system feels like you’re taking a mini shower every time you use the bathroom, ensuring freshness all day long – you’ll wonder how you made do with regular toilets for so long! Popular for decades throughout Europe and Asia, this clever system is more than one step ahead of what you might have already seen in bathrooms overseas. Featuring five position settings and adjustable water temperature and water pressure, it allows for a fully customisable experience, complete with a temperature-controlled drying function.

The intuitive interface of the remote control is easy for the whole family to personalise to their individual preferences, while a side panel offers a straightforward system for basic cleaning – perfect for when guests come to visit – plus an LED light, so there’s no fumbling around in the dark. The Inspira suite even includes a user detector to ensure it can’t be accidentally activated without a person on the seat, and as it requires only a water outlet and conventional power connection, your plumber will find installation quick and easy.

Personal cleanliness is important for good health in the home, as is ensuring that bathroom essentials are maintained to a high standard day after day, without having to roll up our sleeves and pull out the scrubbing brush every morning. The Inspira does the dirty work for you with its discreet self-cleaning nozzle, both before and after use. For manual cleaning, the nozzle is removable, allowing for simple deep cleaning.

While it may at first seem a bit unconventional, the minimalist design and functionality of this system means that it can adapt to your family’s needs, instantly becoming one of your household’s can’t-do-without-it tech features. After all, there’s nothing better than stepping out of the bathroom freshly showered – why not hold onto that clean feeling all day?

The Inspira In-Wash Smart Toilets are available in Reece stores from September onward. Find out more at Reece.com.au

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