TV presenter Shelley Craft is well known for her roles on renovation shows The Block and Domestic Blitz, and she has plenty of hands-on experience from a major renovation of her last home to add to her resume. Here are Shelley’s top tips on how to make sure your home design will stand the test of time.

Don’t sweat the paint stuff
If you’re thinking long term, the typical neutral colours are a safe bet – I call them ‘rental’ cream and white. Antique USA is the best, cleanest go to for a simple neutral palette that won’t offend anyone. 
 But the great thing about paint is that it’s the easiest way to freshen and update a home, so follow your heart.

Think about the traffic
For high traffic areas in family homes, vinyl and laminates are a great option as they can be replaced if one panel gets damaged or scratched. Dress up with a beautiful rug and layering and you will have 100 per cent luxury. If you like something soft underfoot in the bedroom, solution dyed nylon carpets, like Carpet Court’s Stony River range, are incredibly hard wearing and resistant to almost anything your kids and pets can throw at it.

You can never have too much storage
I love the idea of built-in seating that can create places to hide things away. They are great in a playroom with cushions on top and drawers or cupboards underneath. If you’re renovating, a mudroom in the garage or laundry area where you can store things in daily use is a top way to keep everything in its place and ready to go.

Accessories are your best friend
Think cushions and plants! You can update these with the season ¬– or your mood – without a huge expense. They will keep things interesting by adding colour and texture, and change the look of a room immediately.

Keep the functional areas classic
The kitchen and bathroom are the high ticket areas in terms of cost so to keep them current, go for a plain tile and use accessories to update with the season or era. Whatever colour is in fashion, use it in towels. If timber is the name of the game, add some to the kitchen and bathroom benches for added style and warmth.

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