A teenager’s room is more than a bedroom

It’s an office, a lounge room and an entertaining space, too. So you’ll need to make the most of every centimetre of floorspace. With a loft bed, your teen can sleep on the top level, leaving room for a desk or seating below.

At this age, all the colour and pattern


Move off the bed and onto the wall. Replace the printed bed sets with more neutral linen and encourage your teenager to choose something decorative for the walls – or better still, get them to create something. Or they can hang a work of art, graphic decals (try The Wall Sticker Company) or apply an adventurous paint colour.

Don’t be surprised


If your teen arrives home with six or eight friends in tow. Flexible, lightweight seating, such as floor cushions and bean bags, turns a bedroom into a lounge room at a moment’s notice – when the job’s done, stack the pieces away in a corner.

Teenagers are notoriously unkempt


But they can appreciate that there are times when a mess has to be cleared in a hurry. Give them storage options that are easy and even fun to use. The ‘Odda’ unit from Ikea is a perfect example: it’s a low-slung chest with a tall clothes-tree attached to one side (for a quick tidy up of jackets, hats, scarves and bags) and a big circular opening in the top that gives direct access to a laundry hamper.

Encourage their creative spirit through design

If your budget allows it, a brightly coloured Eames rocker (try Living Edge) or some Kartell storage (from Space Furniture) will inject some style into the scene.