Image above showcases a Rogerseller kitchen.  

Imagine a fridge that does the shopping for you. A dishwasher that actually fits all your dishes. A coffee machine that gives you exactly the amount of caffeine you need. The future of the kitchen is in smart appliances that talk to your phone (and you) and eventually, each other. Here are our picks of the best.

The cooktop that’s also a touchscreen
Whirlpool’s Interactive Cooktop was unveiled as a prototype in 2014, so here’s hoping that it’ll soon become a reality. The idea is that your entire cooktop surface becomes a giant touchscreen, allowing you to follow recipes online, play music… and even order takeaway if dinner doesn’t quite work out.

The fridge that writes your grocery list for you
Samsung’s Smart Fridge has an embedded camera that takes a picture every time you shut the door. That image gets sent to your phone, so you now what you need to buy at the shops. The fridge also tells you when food has been in your fridge too long, and there’s a 21-inch tablet on the door. Pretty cool (yep, pun intended).

The dishwasher that’ll make your life 66 per cent easier (or thereabouts)
The LG LDT8786ST dishwasher has three configurable tiers, allowing you to move them around and make room for oddly shaped pots and pans (because let’s face it, not everything you want to wash is a plate or a cup).

The coffee machine that knows how much caffeine you need today
Imagine a coffee machine that connects to your fitness tracker, pouring you an extra strong cup when you haven’t got as much sleep as you need. The Smarter Wifi Coffee Machine connects to your phone, too, so you can “order” your coffee and it’ll be ready exactly when you need it (ie 10 seconds after you wake up).

The cooktop that suggests recipes based on your leftovers
IKEA has partnered with Lund University in Sweden and Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands to create the “kitchen of the future”, and the result, the “Concept Kitchen 2025“, was displayed in Italy earlier this year. Included in the kitchen is the “table for living,” an amazing countertop/dining table/cooktop that lets you heat food directly on it, suggests what to cook based on your leftovers, weighs and measures ingredients and offers tips on how to prepare ingredients (like how to cut a mango). It also includes a “thoughtful disposal system” that has a compost and waste system as well as debits and credits for non-recyclable items.

Other things we love

iSpoon – a mixing spoon that doubles as a tablet stylus

Microgarden – a mini flatpack greenhouse for growing herbs easily indoors. Using a seaweed gel as the growing medium, the roots absorb moisture from the gel meaning the plants never need watering.

Top Brewer – a tap that brews coffee directly. We repeat: coffee on tap.

UV Rechargeable Sanitising Wand – using ultraviolet light to kill up to 99.9 per cent of germs and viruses on solid, non-porous surfaces, this is great for kitchen countertops, fridges and even your mobile.

SpreadThat butter knife – never rip your bread again with this insanely clever knife, which uses your body heat to soften butter as you spread it.

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