Traditional kitchen design takes a back seat as today’s modern family looks for speed and versatility from their appliances.

Any keen home cook can tell you that one oven is never enough. Even the best-laid dinner plans can be waylaid by multiple dishes requiring different cooking temperatures. Add a busy family routine to the mix, and the constant bending and reaching from a conventional oven to the bench to the microwave – and back again – can take a toll on energy levels.

Enter the compact oven: Smeg‘s latest offering is an integrated system of versatile appliances. By installing a combination of compact ovens, you can cover all your bases in one streamlined, easily accessible appliance bank. With cooking methods including convection or fan-forced oven with microwave; combined steam with static or fan-forced oven; and a dedicated steam oven, along with stand-alone functions such as defrost, proving, microwave, fan forced and more, you can ensure multiple requirements are covered in the one zone. Or you can use one in tandem with your regular oven to prepare speedy mid-week meals, healthy snacks and more.

“Latest kitchen trends point to a growing awareness of ergonomics,” says Tamara Buchanan, Head of Brand at Smeg Australia. “Consumers prefer ‘banks’ at the ‘midway point’, ensuring easy access and no stooping.” At just 600mm wide and 450mm high, Smeg’s compact ovens can be installed where access is easiest: at chest or eye level.

The speed oven supplements fan-forced heat with circulating microwave power. “This dramatically reduces cooking times,” says Tamara. “It takes just 30 minutes to cook a whole chicken to golden perfection, while retaining the texture, succulence and flavour of a regular roast.”

Choose the steam oven if you’re looking to improve your family’s health. Ideal for preparing lean fish, chicken and vegies, the steam oven will lock in nutrients and removes the need for extra fat and oil, ensuring moist texture and full flavour – with no compromise on health. An added bonus is perfectly al dente pasta. “Steamed pasta will retain excellent texture even when heated up the next day, and actually holds and absorbs more sauce than when boiled,” says Tamara.

Combine steam with regular oven function in the combi-steam model to get the best of both worlds. You can brown that lamb roast while using steam to ensure the meat stays moist and tender on the inside.

Available in Classic, Linear and the retro-inspired Victoria Collection, Smeg’s compact ovens are an efficient solution to the changing needs of modern family kitchens.

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