A modern take on the traditional hanging basket, placing the same plant in pots along a shelf can add fresh interest and texture to a room.

What you will need

  • Small bulb-like vessels filled with water (we used Baroque and Seed Pearl vases, from Dinosaur Designs);
  • Small pebbles to add weight;
  • Cut lengths of hanging plants (we used Chain of Hearts Ceropegia woodii plants, from Gardens-R-Us);
  • A pair of scissors

Tip: Most hanging basket plants will work for this project, as will potted hanging plants.



1.  Line a row of vessels filled with water along a shelf. Place some pebbles inside each to prevent them from toppling over.

2. Next, place a cut length of plant in each vessel so it drapes over the edge of the shelf.

3. Trim the ends of each plant with scissors to the length you want.


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