Landscape designer, Peter Fudge shares his expert advice on what these four hardy plants can offer your garden.

“These plants were all chosen for their colour and ability to adapt to sandy soil,” says Fudge.


Kalanchoe tomentosa
Commonly known as the panda plant, this sun-loving and easy-to-care succulent is instantly recognisable with its red-rimmed tips and very soft felt-like silver-green leaves.


Crassula ovata undulata
“These have a tight habit and have wavy aqua-coloured leaves,” says Peter. Easy to maintain and drought-tolerant, this jade plant can also thrive in a container or indoors.


Sedum sediforme
This low-maintenance evergreen sedum features tunnel-like mounds with small flowers that sprout out in summer. “This plant naturalises in pots and gravel,” says Peter.


Agave murpheyi 
“This agave has a dramatic habit, with spiky dark-green silvery leaves,” says Peter. This is a bold, sculptural plant that loves full sun and can handle lower water levels.

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