Space above designed by Christoper Gyzemyter of CG Design Studio.

If you’re lucky enough to have a space to work at home, then you want to make sure it works for you. From the placement of your desk to making the space completely your own, we have a few rules to keep in mind.

1. Where is your office?
If you have multiple spaces to choose from (lucky you!), think about what you’ll need from your office. Do you want a space that’s quiet, or in the thick of the house? Do you need lots of room (if you’re using it frequently, you will) or will a simple desk and chair combo work? Will you have clients coming over? If so, you’ll need space for them to sit. Think about what kind of space you’ll need before you buy that big, beautiful desk!

2. Think about your home’s overall style
Your home office shouldn’t look too different from the rest of your house – if you have a Hamptons-style beach house, don’t go for an industrial desk and chair.

3. Position your desk properly
When choosing where your desk should go, you need to consider two things: light and power. If you have a window, it’s nice to position your desk against it for light. But ensure you also have adequate access to power outlets – you’ll need to plug in at some stage.

4. Storage is king
Even if you work online, chances are you’ll have paper on your desk at some point – not to mention USBs, receipts, files and pens and pencils. Whether you invest in a filing cabinet, a desk with drawers or even a bar cart, make sure there’s enough space for everything you need to file away.

5. Make it pretty!
This is the fun bit. Paint a feature wall. Add artwork or a mirror. Use a pegboard or a corkboard to create an inspiration wall. Get creative and have fun!

For more inspiration, check out this clever space:

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