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Because yes, your outdoor area does need a colour palette!

We love painting. There’s no easier or more effective way to overhaul your space than with a fresh slick of paint – and with outdoor areas, where there’s generally less to paint, the job can be done in as little as a weekend. Simple, huh? But before you grab your brush and can, have a think about what your colour palette will be.

If your garden is… mostly green
Consider going for glossy dark walls, which will actually help the space look bigger (believe it or not!). You could also add splashes of white, which always look fantastic against a backdrop of green. And of course, you’ll need a few pops of colour for contrast – vivid hot pink or sunny yellow both look brilliant.
We love: Black Ace + Love Note + Fizzy Pink
Ace of Spades + White Beam + Good Karma

If your garden… has a lot of brightly coloured flowers
Opt for subtle shades that will let your blooms do their thing. If you’re blessed with green thumbs – and therefore beds of gorgeously hued roses and vibrant azaleas – then let your flowers show off against a neutral background, like grey and white.
We love: Pilot + Tokyo Snow
Metro Style + Tiger White

If you’re… starting from scratch
Go for it! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain from a world of fresh, vibrant colour. Honestly, colour is one of the simplest and most effective ways to make a statement, so feel free to experiment and really have fun with it. Here are some combinations we adore:

Blue and white: like a little black dress, this pairing is a classic for a reason. It looks especially great if you live somewhere by the sea, but no matter your postcode, it’s sure to make a crisp, clean statement.
We love: Costa Rica Blue + Infinity White
Blue Trump + Infinity White
I’m Blue + Infinity White

Yellow and grey: for a contemporary, sunny and fresh look, go for vivid yellow set against a cool grey tone.
We love: Buttercup Field + Ace of Spades
Hide and Seek + Status Cloud

Red and pink: for something totally unexpected, but entirely modern, consider matching red and pink. It’s both monochromatic and contrasting, so the combination will add a lot of interest and flair to your outdoor area.
We love: Red Alert + Pink Bliss

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